Liiko Hotel Review (Xincheng, Hualien) 立閣人文旅店

Are you looking for an upscale place to stay near Taroko National Park? Liiko Hotel may be for you.


When you first stroll into the hotel lobby, you are greeted with a contemporary and natural vibe. The staff greet you with a kind smile and escort you to the nature themed front desk. This hotel is a simplistic way to stay in a luxurious room that is close to Taroko National Park.


The rooms are very neat and modern, but there are virtually no amenities to offer besides the mediocre complimentary breakfast. The room had a very nice nature theme with a pristine multi-faceted shower, a bidet, a modern big screen TV, and small fridge. There was no safe in our room, but it did not seem like we needed one with the environment here. Nevertheless, it would have been nice to have, just for the ease of mind. The staff was very helpful to offer advice for eating out and things in the area, but only a few could actually speak English enough to convey a whole message.


If you are looking for a lot to do at night, this is definitely not the place to stay. The main attraction of this hotel is the proximity to Taroko National Park. There is an excellent, small family owned Chinese restaurant directly beside the hotel, but there is no English menu. Time to start guessing! Everything we ordered was very delicious though, so I would definitely recommend this restaurant. Nothing on the menu is over 180 NTD, great!


Generally, you will arrive at Xincheng Station by train and you can call a complimentary shuttle to pick you up. The hotel is about a 10 minute walk or 3 minute drive from Xincheng station, but coming with suitcases, a shuttle is preferable.


We stayed in a room during the last part of Chinese New Year. The regular rate for their hotel is quite expensive in my perspective, but the location, vibe, and cleanliness are the selling points. If you are going to Taroko National Park and do not want to spend a bundle on hotels inside the park, Liiko is a semi-affordable option.


There are many ways to travel around Hualien, but since it was Chinese New Year and everything was more expensive, we bought one day bus tickets for 250 NTD per day per person that go into and out of Taroko National Park. You can also purchase a 2 day pass for 400 NTD/person. The shuttle runs from around 7:30-17:00, so you have ample time to enjoy the daylight in the breathtaking Taroko National Park.


Overall, I would not recommend this hotel for budget travelers. This hotel was very pleasant to stay at, but if you don’t have reliable private transportation, you are basically stuck with little to do. If you are looking to find a very pleasant room just outside of Taroko National Park with money to spare, then this might be the place for you. I enjoyed my stay here, but the price seemed a little expensive for a place with no amenities and nothing to do around it. During the Chinese New Year, a double twin room was around 7,000 NTD per night and after Chinese New Year the double twin room went down to around 3,500 NTD per night.



立閣人文旅店 Liiko Hotel

Address: No. 63, Xinxing Rd, Xincheng Township, Hualien County, 971

Phone: 03 861 1969

English Website


Room Pictures:

The room came with one all inclusive tech input station and two charging stations near the beds.
Each side of the bed could control the lights for the whole room.
The view from our window on the 5th floor.


Single twin bed with a view.
The closet (No safe)
Shower (Two options: Overhead or Handle)
The bathroom had a heated bidet! Oh la la! 
Our mini fridge with complimentary tea and water. 
The entryway 
Taking a step back to see the basic layout. 


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