About Us

Who are we? We are an American/Taiwanese travel-loving couple looking for adventure!

Little Rice and Red Dragon on the beach in Boracay, Philippines.

We that want to share our experiences and knowledge about the world with you. We will generally go by our nicknames on this site, my name is “Red Dragon” and hers is “Little Rice.” Currently, Red Dragon is an ESL teacher at a private cram school and Little Rice is a news editor at a local broadcasting station. We are currently both working in Taipei, Taiwan. Traveling as much as possible is our goal. We want to live life for the adventure and get out of the office as much as we can.

We also want to write about and share our experiences, so you can get a better feel for where we are living. Go and visit Asia, one date at a time through us! We hope you all enjoy what we post and we always love feedback on anything we post. If you have an interesting story that you would like to share, please feel to contact us at anytime. Have a fun and safe day travelers, curious cats, and searching minds!

Enjoying a nice sunset in Boracay.
Little Rice lookin’ good.
Red Dragon on that selfie status.
LR and RD.jpg
Little Rice and Red Dragon in Boracay, Philippines.