Irish Watering Hole: James Joyce Irish Pub

Looking for a place to wet your lips with some Irish favorites? James Joyce is the place to check out!


About the Place

You can find this hidden bar in the Gongguan night market. The pub is very cozy. On a Friday night at around 10pm, the pub is basically fully. There is probably room for about 24 tightly. So a comfortable 18~20 people fit into this tucked away bar.

James Joyce serves strictly drinks with a lot of Irish variety such as Irish coffee, Gaelic coffee, the Dubliner (whiskey drink with lime and basil), and many shots mixed with Bailey’s. Snacks include pie, a dessert, and chips.

There is a nice mix of foreigners and locals alike. The staff speaks English which is refreshing for an English speaker visiting or living in Taiwan.


The place has pretty trendy music, and serves many varieties of coffee too.

The average cocktail price is 250 NTD. Shots are from 150-250 NTD.


Address: 號, No. 1, Lane 136, Section 4, Roosevelt Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, 100

Phone: 02 2368 7060


Drink Review

Guinness Irish stout – [On tap] a bit light on flavor but good taste.

Whiskey sour – was strong and not bad. Taste could have been more sour.

Long Island Iced Tea – pretty average, but strong as usual.

I would recommend you checking out this bar at least once, especially if you are in the area! Next time, I will try the adult coffees! Yum!


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