Awesome Burger – HI Burger – Restaurant Review

Looking for a tasty handmade burger?

HI Burger – Restaurant Review – Yonghe District

Address: 234, New Taipei City, Yonghe District, Lane 5, Xinyi Rd, 4-1號

Phone: 02 2924 6168

Hours: Monday-Friday: 11AM-3PM and 5PM-10PM

Saturday and Sunday: 10AM-10PM

The outside view of HI Burger.

How to get there:

-Go to Dingxi MRT station on the orange line.

-Go out of Exit 2.

-When exiting, turn right.

-Walk about 250 meters and turn right onto Xinyi Road.

-Turn left on the first road (Lane 5) on Xinyi Road.

-Almost immediately turn right into the small alley.

-Walk about 30 meters and you will see HI Burger on your right.

The menu they post on the wall.

What we ordered:

If you order a burger, it comes with fries and drink. (Bottomless black tea and coffee, or a bottle of soda)

Triple BBQ Cheese Burger (350 NTD)

Origin Burger (250 NTD) + Oreo Shake (90 NTD with a set)

-No service fee!  =)

Total: 690 NTD

We went to Hi Burger on a Saturday night around 8:20 pm. It took us a minute to find the actual place because it is in a dark alley with very little lighting for the sign. When we walked into the place, it had a very global, chill, and sporty atmosphere. We sat down right away because there were only a few groups of people eating there. The kitchen takes the last order at 9:00pm, but the restaurant closes at 10:00pm.

We got our food pretty quickly and it was very delicious! The price was not super cheap, but not very expensive either. I was most satisfied with my meal there. The oreo shake was really good too! I would definitely recommend this restaurant because we will be back to have it again!

About to dig in!

Convenience: ★★★★☆

This restaurant was very close to the MRT, but it was a little hard to find since it was down a dark alley.

Price: ★★★☆☆

The total average cost came to about 350 NTD per person.

Taste: ★★★★★

Our meals were very delicious and fresh.

Environment: ★★★★☆

I really liked the modern environment, but you had to go outside to use the bathroom, and there were no towels to dry your hands with.

Cleanliness: ★★★★★

Everything was very clean and it seemed like a nice and modern setup.

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