SpringWave SunSet III – Review and Experience


-Face Decorations. Check.

-Huge American flag. Check.

-Ready to Party Attitude. Check.


And off we goooooo! Little Rice and I had a good time at SpringWave SunSet III. If you don’t know about this outdoor concert, basically it is an 8-9 hour event where DJs will play a variety of EDM music for dance lovers. I went to both SpringWave SunSet II and III, and believe I liked SpringWave SunSet II more. I definitely enjoyed both concerts, but here are my reasons.

SpringWave SunSet II


-Smaller area

-Many places to sit on actual seats

-Free Ice-cream with your ticket

-Cheaper drinks, could buy all varieties at one location

-Did not have to buy tokens to purchase things

-Good Music

-Friendly People


-No food was sold inside, except ice-cream

-No bathrooms inside the arena

SpringWave SunSet III


-2 stages instead of 1

-VIP area was easy to access with VIP tickets (thanks security guy)

-More selection for food

-Many bathrooms inside the arena

-Good Music

-Friendly People


-Had to buy tokens to purchase food and drinks

-Drinks were more expensive and less variety

-Had to go to separate tents to buy different drinks

-No actual seats for people to sit in, unless you were in the VIP upper area.

Thinking about the evolution of this concert, I can only imagine they will have 3 stages next time and even more stands you can spend your precious tokens on! SpringWave SunSet is a nice event, but I feel like it could definitely get better. It is turning more into a money making event than an EDM lovers’ paradise. SpringWave SunSet 4? Only time will tell!

Did you go to the concert too? We want to hear your experience! Leave us a comment below!

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