Lanyang Museum – Yilan, Taiwan

The Lanyang Museum in Yilan, Taiwan is full of history from the early parts of the city’s development. It’s a treasure trove of the past!

An outside look at the Lanyang Museum

The cram school I am working for has an annual family day, and this year we decided to take a trip to Yilan to have a nature walk. Alas, the rain foiled our plans after our lunch, so we got to experience the Lanyang Museum instead! First let me say, the architecture of this building is magnificent. It is very aesthetically pleasing.

1:100 scale of the Lanyang Museum. Awesome!

We first arrived to the museum, we were lined up and counted in strict order. But once inside, there was a guest appearance by some middle/high school orchestra. They played for about 1 hour and the sound that filled the museum was quite chill and relaxing.

The guest appearance of the young orchestra.

Once you get into the actual museum part, you get to learn the history of how Yilan rose up and became a highly functioning city. There is a lot of history in Yilan, and you get to see some of it going very far back in time. Old technology and techniques that were used to build up the city are very fascinating.

Old technology used to farm and harvest.
Checking out the natural parts of Yilan.

Yilan is known for its fishing and oceanic trades. Many people functioned around the city’s rivers and bay area.

Watch out! Don’t get speared while Yilan’s fishermen are at work!

Maritime technology has upgraded a lot since the beginning. But seeing some of the retro equipment is quite cool.  You can see below a very big engine for a boat taken out for your viewing pleasure.

Full speed ahead @OnaDatewithAsia!
Look how big that engine is!

There are also areas of the museum that talk about the old style and habits of the people and city. The culture has sprung up and sped up from its slower past. There was much more manual labor back in the day, to say the least.

The oldest rocks in Taiwan! Wow!
Manual labor of the past. Lots of work to move those rocks!

You can also enjoy some of the old styles of clothing people used to flaunt. People had a very different way of living just a few decades ago. It’s astonishing to see the differences and sometimes the similarities of today.

Very interesting clothes from the past.
Old products being sold in the antique town.

The Lanyang Museum finally opened in October 2010 after being under construction for about 6 years, according to Wiki. The official webpage for the Lanyang Museum can be found here.  I found it very exciting to see historical things of this up and coming city, especially the technology.

What an old TV! Cool!

After you get through the Museum, you have the option to check out the gift shop and cafe that are conveniently located at the entrance/exit. After I was done exploring the wonders of the Lanyang Museum, I chilled out and enjoy a nice hazelnut latte. Yum!

Pleasant view while enjoying my hazelnut latte.

Wondering about the details of the Lanyang Museum? Well here they are!

Admission Prices:

-General Admission – NT$100

-Group (20 or more) – NT$80

-Student (ages 6-12 with ID) – NT$50

-Discount or Student Group (20 or more) – NT$30

Open Hours:

Thursday to Tuesday: 9:00AM~17:00PM (ticket sales: 09:00-16:30)


  1. Visitors can enter the permanent exhibition area more than once by having your hand stamped at the 1st floor exit then queuing again at the entrance.
  2. No smoking, chewing of betel nut or gum is allowed.
  3. No pets allowed (except guide dogs).
  4. No umbrellas allowed (please store foldable umbrellas in your backpack).
  5. No beverages and food are allowed in the exhibition venue.
  6. No flashlight and tripod are allowed in the exhibition venue.
  7. No running, playing or shouting allowed in the museum.
  8. Please store large personal items in a locker.
  9. The handicapped elevator is reserved for the disabled. (A maximum of two companions are allowed to take the elevator with the disabled person.)

You can get guided tours with translators if you want to! How nice, huh?

You can check out more artistic photos of the architecture here! Here is a video that introduces the museum as well.

Have a nice day and enjoy the museum if you head out to Yilan!

Best wishes from OnaDatewithAsia!!!

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