Halloween Street Taipei: Costumes everywhere!

It is one day before Halloween events start, and I have no costume or ideas in mind. I have heard of the infamous “Halloween Street” and decide to take my chances having little other option in mind.

The outside view of “Party World”

I had some trouble finding the Halloween shops at first, and I asked some local café staff if they knew where I should go. They were very friendly and helped me as much as possible, but to only find out the shop I was looking for was already closed.


As I find myself a bit distraught, I try to find my way back to Taipei Main Station MRT. While I’m on my seemingly way back, I turn the wrong way and suddenly find myself among the “Halloween Street.” I look around the many costume shops that are clustered together to find mainly kids costumes and a few lame accessories.

The area I found some Halloween shops near Taipei Main Station.

I thought to myself, “Well this is no good, I just wasted my time coming here.” I continued to walk down the street with no hopes of finding anything else, but I decided to try my luck. After I walked a block or two, I found myself around this address:

No. 131, Chang’an W Rd, Datong District, 103


I was going to cross the street, but I looked back and saw this.

I never thought the Grim Reaper would be my sign of relief.

This was my sign!!!!

I decided to turn around and check out the store. To my luck, this was a Halloween costume store with many masks and adult costumes in stock! I didn’t take long in picking my costume. A Dino-Rider was an A+ choice! The staff advise me that I should purchase the Panasonic Neo AA batteries for maximum efficiency pumping air into my costume.


I would definitely recommend “Party World” as stated on the sign above the store. I doubt they will have many costumes on Halloween eve, but there is always next year!

Let’s ride!

Any recommendations on Halloween Costume stores? Please send us your comments, we would love to hear from you!

A cute dinosaur rider and a scary pig! AHHHHHH!

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