B Cat Cafe – Phuket Town, Thailand

B Cat Café

Your first view entering the cat cafe. 

We had just finished our cheap and delicious Thai cuisine when Little Rice wanted to go exploring Phuket Town, Thailand a little more, and I just wanted to relax for a bit. Right next to the restaurant we were dining at was a small cat café! What a lucky find! So, Little Rice set off into the town, and I headed towards the kitties!

I walked into the café and was greeted by the staff asking if I wanted to dine at the restaurant or go inside the cat area. I told her I was just wanted to see the cats. She told me I had the option of buying a piece of cake as the entrance fee or just paying 50 Baht. I looked over the cake selection and decided to just pay the 50 Baht, not because the cake looked bad, but because I did not feel like injecting more sugar into me via delicious dessert.


Before you go inside, they let you see a poster with the rules for the cat area. Basically, be a decent and calm human being with no flash photography. They will take your shoes and give you slippers to walk around in. Then, you are in! The place is filled with about 10-15 different cats varying in size, shape, color, and age.  bcatcafe8

Right as I walked in, I found a kitty sleeping in a basket. 

I decided to sit for a bit first and order a latte. They would not accept buying a drink as the entrance fee for the cat area, believe me, I tried. When I received my latte, I looked down, and there is was, an adorable cat face! How sweet!

Kitty Latte!

At 3pm many of the cats were sleeping, and you are not supposed to wake the cats from their slumber, so I walked around and played with the rebel cats that decided to go against their instinctively nocturnal nature. Most of the cats only played when they wanted to though, how dare they! (snicker)

This place was filled with cat stuff from top to bottom, and it even had some nice equipment for the cats to enjoy. There was a small walkway built for the cats to go up the wall and to the ceiling, so they definitely had their choosing of places to sleep and wander.

His new profile pic.
Shopped? Perhaps..

Overall, this place had a pretty tranquil feel, and I would recommend it for chill cat lovers. One of the staff was a little snide, but most of the workers were very pleasant to be around. If you have some extra time in Phuket Town, Thailand check out B Cat Café!

Goodbye Hooooman! 

B Cat Cafe Hours/Phone/Area:

+66 89 471 7776

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