[Closed] La Rouge Pizza – Restaurant Review


Le Rouge Pizzeria – Restaurant Review【食記】新北*板橋 Le Rouge 義法廚房。品嚐現做Pizza

No. 419-6, Section 1, Wenhua Rd, Banqiao District, New Taipei City, 220
Phone(電話): 02 2255 2861
Hours(營業時間): 11:30AM – 10:00PM
Tips to get there: From Xinpu MRT Station, use Exit 1. When exiting, make a left turn and follow the alley for about 1 minute until you see the 7-11. When you see the 7-11, walk towards it and go past it to the left. You should be standing right in front of the restaurant now. When we first went there, google maps was telling us it was in an alley down the street, so it might be useful to read these instructions.
交通指南:可利用板南線到新埔站,一號出口。當出站之後,向左轉(因為目前附近剛好有施工),所以沿著圍籬直走大約一分鐘,就會看到7-11。轉進7-11的巷子內,請注意左邊的方向,其實餐廳就在7-11的左手邊。因為小編們第一次按照著手機導航找餐廳,整個被導向一個黑暗的無尾巷,希望這篇食記可以幫助大家,別走太多冤枉路啊 :)
1. Go out Xinpu MRT Exit 1, turn left      2. Follow the road till the alley on the right                               3. Go past the 7-11


In front of La Rouge
What we ordered:  【當天我們選擇品嚐的菜單】
10 inch pizza – Le Bleu (380 NTD)          10吋 pizza -藍藍香(台幣380元)
12 inch pizza – Caveman (420 NTD)       12吋 pizza-野蠻人(台幣420元)
A Set: Garlic bread + Drink (Orange Juice) (90 NTD)
加點了一個 A套餐:大蒜麵包+飲料 (柳橙汁)90元
Banambe with ice-cream (300 NTD)     法式甜酒香蕉捲餅(加冰淇淋) (台幣300元)
Service Charge of 10% (119 NTD)         餐廳有收取一成的服務費(台幣119元)
Total: 1309 NTD                                 這一餐吃下來我們兩個人花費 台幣1309元
The view from our table.
The downstairs bar
Our Experience:
We walked into the pizzeria around 8:30 PM on a Friday night and got seated at a table on the lower level of the establishment. It seemed there were two different levels of seating if the place got busy. There were three other tables filled with people, so it did not seem like a popular time to be there.
Waiting patiently for our food.
We ordered the La Bleu, the Caveman, and the Banambe!
The staff gave us our menu and let us look it over for a while. I believe the owner is Canadian because we saw a Canadian flag hanging in the middle of the restaurant, and a Caucasian man that spoke English came over to our table to recommend items and talk to us about our meal. The friendly owner recommended the “La Rouge” and the “La Bleu” pizza, telling us that they were gourmet pizzas. We decided to take his recommendation and it turned out to be great!
拿到餐廳之後,一面環繞餐廳四周,在餐廳很明顯的位置看到一面加拿大旗子,這時候一個外國廚師走向我們推薦餐點,在此假設老闆是個加拿大人啦。老闆向我們推薦了“La Rouge義法廚房”和 “La Bleu藍藍香”說是店裡面的pizza招牌菜,所以我們選擇了其中一樣“藍香香”來品嚐,另外一道選擇了肉很多的“野蠻人” 。
Our meal featuring the “La Bleu” and “Caveman” pizza.
What our food must have seen right before we started to eat!
The Le Bleu pizza was delicious and fresh. It had bacon, freshly cut apple slices, caramelized onions, and gorgonzola cheese on it. I would definitely recommend you try this pizza. The Caveman pizza was less of a dazzle for me personally. I generally am a carnivore and did enjoy the Caveman with toppings that included bacon, chicken, sausage, pepperoni, and BBQ sauce, but after tasting the La Bleu, the caveman just didn’t cut it (ha). For what we ordered, the meal seemed a bit expensive, but if you are not starving, it would be a nice place to dine for a decent price.
“藍香香pizza”不愧是招牌菜色,上面鋪了許多培根.洋蔥加上會牽絲的藍起士在上頭,不過吃起來卻有一種清爽的口感,我想要歸功於上面還擺了蘋果切片,以我們當天點選的兩樣pizza吃起來,會推薦這“藍香香pizza”喔!來看看另外一道“野蠻人pizza”,上面的餡料有:培根.香腸.雞肉 和BBQ 醬料,即便我是肉食主義者,品嚐了這道充滿了肉肉肉肉肉的“野蠻人pizza”,還是要把好吃的這一票給“藍香香pizza” 。整體來說,就價位上來講,餐點是有點小偏貴,但是如果肚子不是餓到翻掉,只想要吃點小正餐,這裡會是個不錯的選擇。
Digging into the food!
The Banambe dessert came last, and it looked great. It tasted very delicious, but the outside roll was little bit hard (it seemed a little overcooked). For the price, I would not recommend the Banambe, but if you are ready to fork over 300 NTD, it was a small tasty treat.
Look how nice our Banambe looks!
Convenience: ★★★★★                   餐廳交通方面:★★★★★
It is very close to the Xinpu MRT Station and is an easy walk 1-2 minute from it.
Price: ★★☆☆☆                              價錢:★★☆☆☆
The price of the meal was a bit high for what you get. The food was good, but it was not to die for.
Taste: ★★★★☆                           味道:★★★★☆  
Everything tasted pretty good. The caveman pizza was decent, but I would not recommend it.
Environment: ★★★★★                  整體用餐環境:★★★★★  
The environment was very chill and the staff and owner seemed very friendly and willing to meet any of our needs.
Cleanliness: ★★★★☆                  清潔度:★★★★☆  
The restaurant in general looked pretty clean, but the floor was a bit old and looked a little dirty.
Overall, I would recommend you try this restaurant at least once. The style of food is not for everyone, but they have very unique pizzas and some of them are very delicious. Next time we go, we will try the calzones!
如果問我們會不會推薦這家餐廳?答案是:會的。因為店家有特製口味的pizza,在別家店可不一定會找得到,而且嚐起來真的是好吃啊(我想這大概是 胃跟錢包的決鬥了)如果下次我們再來光顧的話會吃看看義大利餃嚕。
The garlic bread and I are having a moment.

2 thoughts on “[Closed] La Rouge Pizza – Restaurant Review

  1. I decided to follow your recommendation and try out this restaurant. BIG MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!! About 45 minutes after completing my MEDIOCRE meal, I felt a RUMBLE in my stomach!!!!!!! After exiting the MRT quickly, I ran to the bathroom and had diarrhea. NEVER AGAIN will I eat here.


    1. I’m sorry for your bad experience. What did you order? Maybe we can stay away from that in the future. We had a decent experience at this place, but we know everyone will not feel the same.


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