Restaurant Review: Ryukyu New Noodles通堂 (Okinawa Dining)


(Traveling to Okinawa: Dining) – Restaurant Review

Restaurant NameRyukyu new noodles 通堂 Japanese Style Noodles – Easy Food Option

How to get there: Monorail (Oroku Station) Exit 2

Address: Japan, 〒901-0155 Okinawa Prefecture, Naha, Kanagusuku, 5−4−6

Phone: +81 98-857-5577

Hours: 11AM – 1AM

Ryukyu New Noodles on Google Maps

Here are some useful tips about to getting there. When you leave exit 2, you will see a department store called “JUSCO,” that leads you in a straight path. Don’t take this way. Go down the stairs and to the bridge. You will see a 100 Yen shop on your way. Once you have walked about 3-5 minutes, you will see the restaurant on your right.  Part 1.1

Can you see the ticket in my hand? You order your meal through an automated machine near the entry. They have famous man and woman noodles. (I had been traveling all day and arrived at the restaurant around 10pm, so I decided to pick the man noodles for energy.)Part 1.2

What is the difference between man noodles and woman noodles?

The man noodles have a stronger taste, and the broth consists of pork. The woman noodles are cooked with kelp, so it tastes fresher. You can see the picture detailing the differences in Japanese.Part 1.3

They offer your free bean sprouts with your meal. (See below)Part 1.4

Notice: When you arrive, you must sign your name on the waiting list first because this quite a famous restaurant in Okinawa. They also a have sign that tells you this. (It’s hard to see in my picture)Part 1.5

Below is the outside of the restaurant.Part 1.6

You can choose to sit at the bar or wait for a table of your own.Part 1.7

When you sit at the bar, you can watch the chefs in action.Part 1.8

This is a special table you can get when you go to the restaurant. You can sit in the traditional Japanese fashion when eating your meal.Part 1.9

At this restaurant, they collect different currencies from around the world.Part 1.10

On this wall, you can see some famous Japanese peoples’ autographs. The restaurant wants to show you that the quality of their noodles is legit.


Convenience: ★★★★★

(It is easy to get to this restaurant and the waitress could speak English well.)

Price: ★★★☆☆

(The man noodles cost 900 Yen. Normally, these types of noodles cost around 500-600 Yen.)

Taste: ★★★★☆

(A stronger taste for my noodles was preferable because of the hot Okinawa weather. These noodles made me want to eat more.)

Environment: ★★★☆☆

(I sat at the bar and it was very crowded. The restaurant felt a bit stuffy and warm.)

Cleanliness: ★★★★★

(The bathrooms and tables were very clean.)



交通:單軌列車(小祿站 2號出口)


營業時間: 11:00~01:00

Phone #: +81 98-857-5577

Ryukyu New Noodles on Google Maps

「交通小提醒」一出站就會看到Jusco百貨,但往下天橋方向前進,就會看到,百元商店,沿著商店旁的路持續走約3-5分鐘,餐廳在右手邊就會看到了。Part 1.1

看到我手中的票劵了嗎? 點餐靠的是門口的點餐機,有名的有男人麵和女人麵,可以任君挑選唷! 《但是小米今天已經跑了一整天的行程,都已經晚上10點多了,決定霸氣的點了男人麵》Part 1.2



門口外面的圖樣,也算是一種食物履歷的概念。Part 1.3

↓店家有提供免費的辣豆芽菜Part 1.4

因為這家店在沖繩算是人氣店家,所以一到了之後,門口的服務台上,有可以讓大家自行填寫名子的候位本,記得要先去填! 不要傻傻的坐在那邊等。

↓店家也有貼出公告!Part 1.5

↓店門口的招牌,上面就寫著通堂(就算已經過了吃飯時間,還是有人在候位)Part 1.6

↓店裡面有吧台的位置,或是一般的餐桌位置,還有小包廂的位子唷。Part 1.7

因為這次去的時候,只剩下吧台有空位了,不過可以看到廚師們在料理,也相當有趣。Part 1.8

↑趁著沒人的時候,順利拍到一張包廂的位子Part 1.9

↑上面釘著很多國家的貨幣,所以這次用餐的時候,也碰到許多觀光客。Part 1.10



便利性: ★★★★★


價格: ★★★☆☆


食物美味: ★★★★☆


用餐環境: ★★★☆☆


整潔度: ★★★★★



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