SpringWave SunSet III: Ticket Guide

Springwave Sunset III: English Ticket Guide (7-11 ibon)


Love EDM? Love outdoor festivals?

Well…Let’s go party!


The first time I stood in front of an ibon ticketing machine, I stood there for about 10 minutes trying unsuccessfully to get a ticket. I had to leave and go to the website at home to look up information about getting the ticket. I looked at the website and it was not as helpful as I had wished. That is why today I am going to walk you through the steps to get a ticket. It can be quite difficult for an English speaker to trudge through the Chinese if not experienced with the language.


This is a link to SpringWave Sunset III concert (if you don’t believe me): https://www.ticket.com.tw/dm.asp?P1=0000017178

This is what you see if you follow the link from the 7-11 ibon page:


Follow these simple steps to getting your SpringWave Sunset III ticket:

  1. All of the cities in Taiwan have 7-11s and ibon machines inside


  1. Choose the Ticket Center option “票務中心”


  1. Choose the 2nd option or the button that says, “售票系統”4th
  2. Choose the first option, which means “Get ticket” (購票)5th
  3. Choose the picture with the red logo. The name is “年代售票”6th
  4. Clicking the right button will agree to the ticket terms. “同意購買,下一步”7th
  5. Choose “Concert” (演唱會)8th
  6. You have the option to between an “Adult ticket” or “Under 18 Ticket” (青年票)9th
  7. Choose the date and time (only one option here)10th
  8. You have the option to select a Regular Ticket (price varies) or a VIP ticket (4000 NTD).11th
  9. Select how many tickets you want to buy (limit 4) then click the right arrow.12th
  10. This will be the confirmation page with the ticket count and price.13th
  11. You need to wait for the receipt to print and take it to the counter to pay for it.

IMPORTANT: You have 10 minutes to pay for the tickets or else the receipt will be void.14th

  1. This is what your receipt will look like. (Treat it like your baby)15th



The earlier you buy the ticket, the less you will have to pay. So GO DO IT, early birds.

IMPORTANT: There are only a limited number of presale tickets. There should be a counter on the machine. If you don’t get there in time, you may need to pay more.

Early Bird Presale

(Reserved ticket)

Reserved ticket Standard Ticket Ticket Site
Price 2500 3000 3400 3800
Date 2/10-4/16 4/17-5/10 5/11-5/25 5/26-5/28


The official price is located on the website. This is just a guide that may change according to the festival’s requirements or limits. If you see any mistakes in this guide, please let us know because we would be grateful to hear from you. J

See you there!

Leave us a comment if you would like to see us at the festival.



日落春浪電子節 SPRINGWAVE SUNSET  買票教學文(7-11 ibon版本)






(官網連結: 7-ELEVEN ibon操作方式參考網頁,如下圖,表情跟著當機中)1st

【跟著步驟走,輕鬆買票囉~!! 】

步驟1: 全省都有7-11找到iBon機器


步驟2: 選擇票務中心3rd

步驟3: 選擇售票系統4th

步驟4: 選擇購票5th

步驟5: 選擇年代售票系統(這次是和年代售票系統合作的)6th

步驟6: 請按右邊 <同意購買,下一步> (若按不同意,砍掉重練再一次吧)7th

步驟7: 選擇演唱會8th

步驟8: 選擇票別 有分全票,青年票9th


步驟10: 選擇觀看區域 (VIP和普通區域,本篇示範一般區域)11th

步驟11 選擇購買的張數(一次最多只能買四張),再選擇下一步12th

步驟12 再次確認購買張數及金額13th

步驟13 等待帳單列印14th

步驟14 到櫃台繳錢去(10分鐘內完成繳費) 大功告成!! 歡呼~15th

我們日落春浪見! 有沒有人要一起同歡呢?




票券種類 優惠預售票價 預售票 一般票 現場票
票價 2500 3000 3400 3800
售票時間 2/10-4/16 4/17-5/10 5/11-5/25 5/26-5/28



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