Beitou Hot Springs – Taipei, Taiwan

Dreaming of a calming and enjoyable hot spring experience in a private area? If you’re living in Taipei, Beitou is the place you’ll just have to try!

beitou_20A hot way to cool down from your usual working regiment is to hit up a hot spring! Beitou’s hot springs are famous in Taiwan and especially in Taipei. So, we decided to have a visit to the Beitou area in northern Taipei to check out the hot springs through a hot spring resort/hotel.

The hot spring hotel we visited is called Beitou Hot Spring Resort.


No. 3, Zhongshan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, 112


02 2898 8661

English Website:


How to get to Beitou:

-You can take the MRT by red line (North) until you get to Beitou station.

-At Beitou station, you will need to transfer to Xinbeitou. There is only one way and one stop on this line, so you won’t need to worry where to enter or exit.



Here we are! Getting ready to relax!

My mother was in town for a short time to visit, so we decided the best way to end a vacation for her was to just have a relaxing day around some hot springs. We got to the hot spring hotel a bit earlier than our appointment, so we could check out some of the things the town had to offer.

Taipei Public Library – Beitou Branch
A cozy view from inside the library.

We checked out the public library in Beitou. It was about 3 floors filled with books and students bustling about their day. The overlook from the third floor was a scenic mix of the urban and nature life cohabiting in a perceptual state of flux.


The scenic mix from the 3rd story of the library in Beitou.

We also got to visit the indigenous historical museum. It was about 3 floors of historical pieces from aboriginal tribes with a gift shop at the bottom level. There were many stories about the various tribes living in Taiwan. It was very interesting to learn some historical facts about who controlled the land and culture over time.

A map of the aboriginal tribes of Taiwan on mainly the west coast.
Having a stroll through the winding park.

We also got to walk through and explore the natural feel of the park built and grown throughout Beitou. It was a very refreshing walk relative to the daily stride in the streets of mega-urban Taipei. Feeling back in touch with nature gives us a feeling of revitalization, so this park was just the spot to stroll through to get a little energy back.

Saying “Hello!” to the chic restaurant on the 3rd floor of the hot spring resort.

Before we got to take a dip into the hot springs, we had a nice hearty lunch at the hotel’s restaurant. For lunch, we decided to get a hot pot and share some snacks like a traditional Taiwanese person might.

The vegetables and seafood awaiting their inevitable turn.
A chocolate web of energy.

Our selection to put in the hot pot ranged from meats to vegetables to seafood, along with some glass noodles for some energy. A few desserts and coffee drinks were enjoyed during the latter half of lunch. We finished just enough food before we got to take a soak in the hot springs.

Yummmm! My mother enjoying the hot pot experience in Beitou, Taiwan.
Saying “Good-bye!” to the chic restaurant on the 3rd floor of the hotel spring resort.

Generally when you go to private hot spring rooms, you will pay for the time being inside the facility. 90 minutes is a standard time to be inside one of these rooms. You can choose to pay for the visit itself, or you can choose to rent a room as well.

The rates currently for just visiting are:

2016/10/16~2017/03/15 Prices (NT$):
(1 room/2 persons/90 min.)
Weekdays (Mon.~Fri.) NT$1,250 / 2persons
Weekends (Sat.~Sun.) & Holidays NT$1,550 / 2persons


The hot tub (left) and cold tub (right) awaiting our together.

It was welcoming and calming experience to fill up a hot and cold tub and just kick back to relax. The room included a hot tub, cold tub, lounge chair, shower attachment, various cleaning products, a mirror, a small blow dryer, a coat rack, bottles of water, and fresh towels. We definitely enjoyed ourselves at this place, and I would no doubt be back to the Beitou area again to savor another soak.

That’s it for now! Check out more of our articles if you are curious about life in Asia, especially Taipei, Taiwan!
We leave you with a flower, enjoy your day!

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