Daan Park – Taipei: A MUST see

Do you need a break from the cosmopolitan landscape of Taipei? Daan Park is the place to visit to bring a sense of relaxation back into your busy life!

Very special plant life grow in Daan Park.

When you walk into Daan Forest Park in central Taipei, you get taken away from the urban jungle and are swept into a flourished, functional, and lush forest park. With the hot and humid climate in Taiwan, many tropical fauna can be found growing in the park, which can make for a very scenic view.


Many flowers illuminate the park with bright colors.

There are many things to do to relax or be entertained within the park. I have seen many people picnicking around the area, and the park is a great place to get in a workout if you’re the fitness type. Of course, people like jogging around the attractive park, but there is also outdoor public equipment to train yourself with a variety of different exercises.

The ribbon dancing bear with the roller rink in the background.

Families gather in the rustic Daan Park because there are many kid friendly environments to be shared, such as a playground, outside roller rink, and an outdoor auditorium.

The outdoor auditorium

Walking through the forest park, you experience a true sense of relaxation radiating from all the plants and wildlife organized inside. Black squirrels will come up to you looking for a handout and the birds are buzzing all around. Many wildlife enthusiasts will set up for a photo shoot in hopes of a buzz worthy shot!

A black squirrel enjoying his large piece of bread.

Taking a rest on a bench to take in the view or spreading out a blanket to relax with your friends in a picturesque area is a fantastic way to unwind, either option will allow your mind to escape from the metropolitan forest of Taipei.

Having a coffee and relaxing on the outskirts of Daan Park.
A different angle

I did not take enough pictures to do this park justice, so you will have to go and explore for yourself! If you live anywhere near this park, or not, it is a place you must visit in Taipei!

One entrance to Daan Park
A wooden statue that has some extra carvings in it.

How to get there:

You can take the MRT to Daan Park MRT Station. Daan Park station is on the red line. Pretty easy, right?


You can also get your Ubike on and pedal your way to the centrally located park.


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