Maokong Gondola: Hiking around Tea Farms


Looking for some nice scenery, good hiking, and oodles of tea? Maokong Gondola is right for you!


To get to the Maokong Gondola, you can take the Brown Line MRT to the end, which is Taipei Zoo MRT. After you arrive, you go to downstairs to exit 2 and turn left and walk about 500 meters. This will bring you to the entrance of the Maokong Gondola.

Address: 號, No. 8, Section 2, Xinguang Rd, Wenshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 116

You can buy tickets through a person at the desk, an automated ticket machine, or you can use your EZ Card to pay when you go upstairs to wait. To go to the very top, you need to pay 120 NTD one way. So if you go up and down, it will cost you 240 NTD total.

Generally, you will have to wait in line for at least 20-40 minutes on the weekend because many people like to see the views from the top. You have about a 20 minute gondola ride to the top.


You can choose between regular cabin and glass bottom cabins. I was informed from a friend that there was no difference in price, but you will probably have to wait longer for the glass bottom gondola.

After reaching the top, there are a few different ways to travel along the tea filled mountain. At first, there is a food alley to the left, so I decided to try some local food.


Along this road, there is also a small place you can sit and eat under a roof. There are many routes along Maokong and it is up to you to choose your own path.



There are also many scenic places and tea areas around.


If you are looking to escape the urban jungle, head on over to Maokong Gondola and take in its natural beauty.maokong_gondola20

You can choose any path you like! Don’t always go with the crowd!maokong_gondola23


This would definitely be a nice place to take a date to hike, see the view, and have some tea. You may even be able to steal a kiss! Ha!


If anyone has any recommended paths they take when going here, I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below or email me! Let’s go hiking! maokong_gondola21maokong_gondola24maokong_gondola25maokong_gondola26

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